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Bedrock bath


Bedrock bathing and reflexology treatment will heal your body and mind in our relaxation space
with supreme bliss.


Bedrock bathing salon “Azalea”

Bedrock bathing salon “Azalea” provides you new sense of relaxation space.
Using black silica, contains many types of mineral.



Open hour famale male
Reception by 19:30
(80 min.)
800 JPY( 741 JPY net of tax) 800 JPY( 741 JPY net of tax)
 ※A holiday:The year-end and New Year holidays

Just lying on the bedrock. Your body gets warm to the core. Detox and body metabolism effect can be expected.
Sweat on bedrock bathing works as natural lotion and not sticky, and odorless.

Taboo for the following conditions:
*After hard exercise
*High starved condition
*Over exposed-dressing or naked

※Short-time bathing with long rest is recommended for guests with heart disease, pacemaker, high blood pressure. Be cautious to your health conditions.


Varieties of massage course; Experience course (Sole only), Full course (Sole to back of knees). Hand reflexology for Swelling-off, stiff shoulders, eyestrain are also available. Good stimulation from tip of fingers to arms.


Open hour 11:00~21:00
※Units of 10-minute extended service is available.
※Massage only

※A regular holiday: On Tuesday

Foot reflexology
Trial course(10 min.) 1,080 JPY( 1,000 JPY net of tax)
Short-time course(20 min.) 2,160 JPY( 2,000 JPY net of tax)
Basic course(30 min.) 3,240 JPY( 3,000 JPY net of tax)
Full reflexology course(40 min.) 4,320 JPY( 4,000 JPY net of tax)
Special course(50 min.) 5,400 JPY( 5,000 JPY net of tax)

Hand reflexology
10 min. 1,080 JPY( 1,000 JPY net of tax)
20 min. 2,160 JPY( 2,000 JPY net of tax)

Aromatherapy facial esthetic treatment
30 min. 4,320 JPY( 4,000 JPY net of tax)
60 min. 8,640 JPY( 8,000 JPY net of tax)