~ About stay ~ 

No.1  I want to know the check-in and check-out time.
A. → Please check this link to see the guidance page.

 ~ About charge ~ 

No.1  Does the displayed price already include all taxes?
A. → Yes, it does.

 ~ About access ~ 

No.1  Do you provide pick-up service from JR Muroran station?
A. → We are sorry, we do not provide it.
    It takes about 7 min on foot.

 ~ About room ~ 

No.1  What kind of room do we have?
A. → It depends on a stay package.
    Please click this link to get some information what kind of rooms we have. It will be showed in room page.
No.2  Can we have a non-smoking room?
A. → We are sorry, we are not able to promise it definitely.
    However we try to arrange it to be your request as much as possible.
    Please choose "non-smoking room" on the option page in reservation.
    In case of unavailable, please email us with the request after you booked the room first.
    If non-smoking room is unavailable, we remove the smell in a guest room. 

 ~ About payment ~ 

No.1  When should we pay for the payment?
A. → It is usually payed upon check-out time.
No.2  Can we pay for the payment by a credit card?
A. → Yes, you can. However, some of them are not available. Please refer to the following.



 ~ About parking lot ~ 

No.1  Is there a parking lot?
A. → Yes, there is.
No.2  Is it free?
A. → Yes, it is free of charge.
No.3  Do we need to reserve for parking space?
A. → No, you don't.

 ~ About the internet ~ 

No.1  Is it available for Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) in Muroran Prince Hotel?
A. → If brought a laptop, it is available in guest room.

 ~ About leisure and circumference sightseeing  ~ 

No.1  Is there any sightseeing or activities spots nearby?
A. → Please click this link to see the Muroran Tourist Association page.